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35+ Years Experience In Energy & Power Industry

During the past years, our company has been able to gain many experiences along with the advancement of technology and the updating of science and knowledge in the field of equipping facilities and buildings based on the needs and infrastructures necessary for energy exploitation. For us, the main priority is the safe use of clean energy in order to prevent the pollution of the planet. The use of renewable energies as well as the use of equipment that can be used with high efficiency for other purposes and used at the same time are at the top of our plans.

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What We Cover

Solar Farm & Cities

Solar Wind Turbine

HRSG Power Plan


Meet Our Activities

Oil & Gas

Gas Turbine

One of our extensive activities in the energy sector is the provision of components and parts and ancillary systems and overhaul of all types of gas turbines

Green Energy

Hybrid Cars

Another part of our success is in the field of cooperation with car manufacturers in order to use hybrid technology and optimal fuel consumption.

Solar Energy

Solar Panel

One of our target is the launch and operation of the solar panel production line, which is being carried out in cooperation with reputable vendors.

Wind Energy

Wind Turbine

In heavy and sensitive industries, the installation and repair of wind turbines has a special complexity that our experienced experts do well.


You Should Know

Why Switch to Green Energy?

Our world needs to breathe.
The number of victims due to air pollution is increasing
The world's fossil resources are rapidly depleting.
The best sources of energy from nature are renewable.

Why Choose Us?

We know that we are skilled in our profession
Our customers can be our best representative
We have the best reliable offer for our customers.
We are with our customers until the end of the journey

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